Saturday, April 9, 2011

WMA + MP3 Player Sunglasses 2GB

Cool looking sunglasses / mp3 shades with 2GB MP3 and WMA player built in as well as high quality earphones for great stereo effects. Great for making a statement as well as listening to your favorite music, these MP3 sunglasses will fit virtually adult with swiveling and extendable earphones, and with the flip up glasses design, you won't even have to take the shades off in low light salutations. With the included hard case and lens care cloth, keeping your sunglasses in great condition is easy, and it comes with a (1) Year warranty.

Product Feature
  • Flip up glasses
  • Stereo Sound Effect
  • Case, Usb & Rechargable battery
  • Playing time: Standard 4-5 hours
  • Earphone moves forward/ backward/ swivel 270 deg for comfortable fit

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