Thursday, May 26, 2011

Face Bank

As Seen on BBC2's 'Something for the Weekend'The Face Bank Money Box is the most entertaining way to save money! Simply wave a coin in front of his nose and the Face Bank Money Box will gobble it up! Watch him chew and swallow all your hard earned cash.

You'll find him so much fun, you will be feeding him coins every day!Soon you will have enough saved up to treat yourself to something special or a rainy day fund for the family. With a rubbery face and beady eyes, Face Bank is a fun alternative to boring piggy banks!

Why not use him as a swear box at work or encourage your kids to save their pocket money with a new money box? Face Bank is also available in Blue dots and bubblegum pink! Ideal gifts for Birthdays, Christmas and new homes, make saving fun with the Face Bank Money Box.

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