Sunday, May 1, 2011

New G2 Digital Alarm Clock, Talking Time make Great Nanny Cam. Huge 2200mAh Rechargeable Li-ion battery. 12 Hours Video Recording 24 Hours Audio Only. (Requires Memory Card, not included).

Best reasonably priced covert surveillance cam available that has its own rechargeable power supply (plugging into wall not necessary while recording)and records continuously or via motion detection, and does so with decent audio and video quality. Very deceiving plain looking little clock.

The motion detector is either iffy or really sensitive. As another reviewer mentioned, when you set the motion sensor and leave, this thing basically acts like a rabid guard dog, going off even if the sunlight begins to come from a different direction. Don't get me wrong, if something is actually there, it will record, but it will also go off when nothing is there. You'll have 30 videos to go through, worrying if one of them shows a stranger in your house until you watch them all and find nobody. I have used it a few times, not a ton, but I have resorted to just recording one long video before I leave home. That way I only have to watch the one video (on fast forward) when I get home, rather than 45.

If you loose the remote, you're screwed. In order for the cam's device driver to be read by your computer, you have to press the power button on the remote after connecting the cam to the computer. This might be a feature for security reasons, but if you are "that kind of person" who loses or breaks little tiny things, then you will find yourself having to replace the remote. Also, you should probably grow up and stop breaking and loosing things like a child.

Red light should go off once the cam is fully charged, but I haven't seen that happen yet. The red light does not stay on while recording, so no worries about that, just that when charging, I can't tell when its fully charged.

Beware, videos delete (even if saved) when you slide the power indicator to "OFF". So don't slide the black button to OFF until you have viewed or saved the vids on your computer. The instruction manual tells us this, but I imagine ppl who are like me glazed over this crucial fact, LOL. Not really a complaint, but something to know.

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